Along with brother Michael on Wednesday 16th Decmeber 2020, I joined the end of year awards presentation for the Hay War Memorial High School via Zoom. I must say it was a great success and all went well.  PP Bill Andrews Zoom recorded message of congratulations to the recipients of our indigenous scholarships was played on the BIG screen and was a big hit will all the students and teachers. Well done Bill! 
(There may have been others members join the zoom meeting, sorry if I missed you)
The four students receiving the scholarships  from  RCCBG  (from our program  or indigenous your scholarships) this year are as follows:
Trinity Harris - Year 10 next year
Indyanna Wilson - Year 9 next year
Jonty Woods - Year 8 next year
Milly Deacon - Year 8 next year
I will follow up early in the new year and  find out more about the students and report back. 
As this is the festive season our best wishes to everyone and may you all have a safe and merry time over the Christmas New Year break. travel safe.
 Ron Rabey