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Zone 8 Regionalisation Project Facts about the vote.
To be read in conjunction with the Zone 8 Regionalisation Pilot Fact Sheet and information on https://
(hint - go to the bottom of this page to see what the online vote for our president to make on behalf of the club)

Why are we having a vote?

Our region, Zone 8, which includes Australia, New Zealand, and several Pacific and other Island nations, was approved by the Rotary International Board
to be one of two regions to pilot a regional approach to governance. For the past three years, a group of members have been working on a pilot project
to consider how we can enhance Rotary and Rotaract to ensure we remain relevant for the future while also addressing some of the challenges we have been facing.
As part of the Board’s approval, the project can only proceed with the support of clubs, to be shown through a vote of each club. We are clarifying the vote for Rotaract clubs.
In September 2022, the clubs and districts in our zone will be asked to vote whether they approve participation in a pilot to develop,
test and evaluate a new regional approach to supporting and governing Rotary and Rotaract clubs and members in Zone 8 from July 2023 to June 2026.
A Yes vote would enable the pilot to develop a framework and trial it in full consultation with members, clubs, and districts.
It should be noted that the pilot aims to support the core work of clubs and their members,
not to change things within clubs. A two-thirds Yes vote of the clubs in each district is required for the pilot project to go forward.

How will the vote work?

Step 1 – Club Decision

  • All clubs will have the opportunity to view an informative presentation about the pilot.
  • While the President will cast a vote for the club, club members are encouraged to have open and robust discussions about which way their club would like to vote.
  • The Club President shall seek a decision by the club membership, as to the club’s vote (yes or no).
    This can be completed at a regular club meeting via show of hands or similar process as per the club’s governing documents.

Step 2 – Club President Vote

  • The club’s vote will be by electronic ballot, managed by the Rotary International South Pacific and Philippines Office.
  • The club president will receive an email enabling them to vote on their club’s behalf from
  • The club president shall cast the vote in accordance with the members decision and then confirm having done so back to the members.
  • The President will cast the digital vote on a smartphone or computer, through email access.
  • Each club will have one vote. There is no club weighting based on membership.
  • Club presidents will be advised 15 days before the ballot opening.
  • It will be a confidential vote, open for 15 days. (This gives clubs 30 days’ notice of the vote.)
  • Nobody will know the decision of a club’s specific vote, however, a receipt of a cast vote will be issued to
the president.

Step 3 – District Governor Vote

Assuming two-thirds of the clubs in the district vote in favour of the Regionalisation Project, District Governors will be asked to endorse the proposal.
As Governors are the officers of Rotary International and will play a critical leadership and advisory role during the pilot,
their vote indicates their commitment. The Governor will be aware of their districts’ results before voting.

How can you prepare for the vote?

From early June 2022, extensive club communication commenced. Every club will have the opportunity to have a representative of the pilot
from their district come and speak to them in person or via zoom. This will continue in July and August.
Online meetings will also be held in July and August, open to all Rotarians in the zone at different times.
The dedicated website has a Frequently Asked Questions section and the opportunity for you
to send your questions to the pilot planning group - visit 
Should you like a specific presentation to your club, contact your local Regionalisation District Representative (click here) or email
Below is an example of the club vote received by each club president via email. if you need contact details.
Written 26th July 2022.