While this has been a quieter year for The Rotary Foundation, both at the Club and District levels, we have nonetheless continued our focus on Foundation activities. 

Foundation Scholars

While the Club was not aware of any Scholars coming to study in Canberra or elsewhere in the District this Rotary year, two Scholars made direct contact with the Club in the course of the year.

The first of these was Gretchen Druliner, a former Global Grant Scholar from America currently undertaking a PhD in the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University. Gretchen undertook a Master’s degree at the University of Otago National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, New Zealand, as a Foundation Scholar.  

Gretchen was a guest of the Club at a meeting in February, and spoke to members about her experiences as a Global Grant Scholar.

In November, the Club hosted Carlos Moreira-Alvarez of Costa Rica, one of the 2021–2022 cohort of Peace Scholars who studied at the University of Queensland Rotary Peace Centre. Carlos was in Canberra to attend a conference, and made contact with me through Maya Glassman, one of his cohort of Peace Scholars who had visited Canberra earlier in 2021.

Canberra Rotary Peace Bell Director Michael Rabey, Treasurer Ross Brown and I accompanied Carlos on a tour of the Peace Bell, followed by a visit to Parliament House and the Arboretum. Ross home-hosted Carlos while he was in Canberra.

Michael has kept in touch with Carlos since his visit and some valuable connections have been made. Costa Rica is of particular interest in the context of peace as a country that abolished its entire military forces in 1948.


The Club has continued its sterling efforts in terms of contributions by individual members to the Centurion program this Rotary year. Some $A4,000 has been contributed, with several donations exceeding the $100 required to become a Centurion. Two members have donated more than the $US 1,000 required for Paul Harris Fellow recognition, and another member continues donating that amount on a yearly basis, as a member of the Paul Harris Society.

I would particularly like to recognise our Associate Member, the late John Kerin, for his donation to The Rotary Foundation through the Centurion program. Thanks are also due to Treasurer Ross for his enthusiastic support of the program.

Our contributions directly support Rotarian-led service projects that provide clean water, promote peace, develop communities, save mothers and children — and will one day soon eradicate polio.

Monica Garrett

Foundation Director