Canberra Burley Griffin
Canberra Rotary Peace Bell Lennox Gardens
Flynn Drive
Yarralumla, Australia 2600

In place of the Cadle Festival, Events ACT are promoting the opportunity of members of the public to have the opportuntiy to strike the Canberra Rotary Peace Bell. Our Rotary members are to be on site at the Peace Bell Saturday and Sunday from 11-3 PM.

We have three tasks:

1. One person to make sure each participant leaves their name and contact number. We will have a contact list and each person shouldbe offered a clean pen to add their name and mobile. If they are part of a group then add they should add the number of people in the group

2. One person to ensure that those waiting to strike the Bell maintain 1.5 metres social distancing. They should also advise those waiting that we would welcome their donation to assist Rotary Peace Projects. There should only be on be one guest on the Peace Bell Deck at any one time. If they do not have cash direct them to the web site and suggest they make a donation there.

3. One person to ask people to read one Laozi phrase from the list attached to the deck of the Peace Bell. Work through the list 1 to 5 then start again. Wipe the striker after each person has struck the Peace Bell before the next person steps up to the deck.