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I’m back from Adelaide this week, but I do plan to do frequent, monthly or so, return visits. Consequently I will need your help with activities, not least of which will be chairing lunch-time meetings.

Meanwhile, this week I want to simply remind all our members, and anyone else who visits our website, of the means and wherewithal to see our Facebook (FB) pages for up-to-the-minute news about our club VIA the website.

That’s right - as I outlined in our meeting a couple of weeks ago, you can see 3 different FB pages direct from our website – this means you don’t have to have any FB credentials to see what’s posted. The only downside is that you can’t leave any comments, or post your own news.

If you do have anything you want to post/see on the FB pages, just contact Stephen McMillan, and he’ll do it for you.

Here a few screenshots to help you along.

Cheers everyone

President Andrea

THIS WEEK'S MEETING (21st of July, 12.15 for 12.30 pm, Commonwealth Club)

This week we will hear about Edith Blake’s War, from her great niece, Krista Vane-Tempest. The book covers her grand aunt' s story, from training in Sydney to her war service in the Middle East, England and the Mediterranean, and her tragic death in waters where Germany had promised the safe passage of hospital ships.

Her first posting was in Cairo where she nursed soldiers wounded at Gallipoli. In Edith’s remarkable letters to her family back home, she shares her homesickness and frustration with military rules, along with the savagery of the injuries she witnessed in the operating theatre. Later, at Belmont War Hospital in Surrey, she writes of her conflicted feelings about nursing German prisoners of war even as battles on the Western Front raged and German aircraft bombed England.

DUTY ROSTER: July 2022


July 21st

July 28th


Commonwealth Club

Commonwealth Club


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Ross B.


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If Unable To Attend On A Day You Are Rostered, Please Organise A Replacement.

The Notes should summarise the speaker's main points and be used in commenting on the speech. Thanks.


Bundaberg Peace Pole

While visiting Bundaberg, Joan and I came across this octagonal Peace Pole in Hinkley Park on the Main Street. It was donated to the city by the Bundaberg Lions Club to recognise the centenary of Lions in the world in 2017. We are all seeking the same objective to see a world at peace.

Michael Rabey


Nara, Japan: Vale Shinzo Abe

Last week we paused to remember a great former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe who was killed in Nara Japan last Friday.

I provided an outline of his achievements and particularly his close association with Australia as exemplified by his address to the Australian Parliament (in English) in 2014. He was frank and sincere in acknowledging the responsibility of Japan’s war crimes in World War 2, and on the other hand hopeful that time had re-built trust between the 2 countries and that our co-operation would benefit our communities into the future.

Mr. Abe was instrumental in promoting a number of economic reforms, including APEC, trade agreements, the Northwest Gas pipelines and financial reforms in Japan. He will be remembered as a good friend of Australia.

I advised the Club that an entry had been made in the condolences book at the Japanese Embassy on behalf of President Andrea for the Club.

We also recounted that the assassination occurred in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan which is the Twin City of Canberra. I contacted Past President Oi of the Heijokyo Rotary Club to express our condolences. Mr. Oi said the club was in a state of shock, and could not believe such a terrible thing could happen in a “sleepy town” like Nara.

Bill Andrews

Woden 20th Anniversary Dinner


July 18: Nelson Mandela International Day

July 20 Colombia National Day; International Moon Day; World Chess Day

July 21 Belgium Accession of King Leopold I

July 23 Egypt Anniversary of the Revolution of July 23


July 18 (1925) Adolf Hitler published Mein Kampf (original title was the catchy "Four and a Half Years of Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice")

July 19 (1843) The steamship SS Great Britain was launched. Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, it was the first ocean-going vessel with an iron hull and propeller.

July 20 (1881) Sioux Indian Chief Sitting Bull surrendered to US Federal troops.

July 21 (1925) John T. Scopes was found guilty of teaching evolution in the "Scopes Monkey Trial" in Tennessee and fined $100 and costs.

July 22 (1942) The transportation of some 300,000 Warsaw Ghetto Jews to the Treblinka Extermination Camp began. An uprising against this had been led by 23 year-old Mordecai Anielwicz.


July 23 (1829) William Austin Burt patented America's first typographer (typewriter).

July 24 (1911) American explorer Hiram Bingham discovered Machu Picchu, lost city of the Incas.



Golfing Priest

Father Norton woke up Sunday morning and realizing it was an exceptionally beautiful and sunny early spring day, decided he just had to play golf. 

So, he told the Associate Priest that he was feeling sick and persuaded him to say Mass for him that day. As soon as the Associate Priest left the room, Father Norton headed out of town to a golf course about forty miles away. This way he knew he wouldn't accidentally meet anyone he knew from his parish.

Setting up on the first tee, he was alone. After all, it was Sunday morning and everyone else was in church! 

At about this time, Saint Peter leaned over to the Lord while looking down from the heavens and exclaimed, "You're not going to let him get away with this, are you?" The Lord sighed, and said, "No, I guess not."

Just then Father Norton hit the ball and it shot straight towards the pin, dropping just short of it, rolled up and fell into the hole. It was a 420 yard hole-in-one!

St. Peter was astonished. He looked at the Lord and asked, "Why did you let him do that?" 

The Lord smiled and replied, "Who's he going tell?"

Eric Carmody


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