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Welcome to this week’s News Notes. Another packed edition: we have some photos from last week’s Rotary International Convention, held in Melbourne; information on what the Club Board has been discussing; an explanation generated by artificial intelligence on how a VPN works; information on this week’s and two subsequent meetings; and two invitations to changeovers. And we conclude with a way to improve seniors’ golf results. Happy reading!
District changeover
If you’re planning on going to this, please note that registrations close this Wednesday, 7 June.
Club changeover
You are cordially invited
to the Annual Changeover Dinner Celebration
of the
Rotary Club of Canberra Burley Griffin
Date and Time: Thursday 22nd June at 7.00pm.
Venue: Saffron Restaurant, 31 Kennedy Street, Kingston, (SW side) ph 62958839.
Price $60 ph.  BYOG with some wine provided on table.
Past President Andrea and the Board, together with the Incoming Committee, hope you can join them at this special event on Thursday. 22 June 2023 at 7.00pm.
Partners and friends of Rotary who may be interested in our Club are most welcome.  Many Friends have participated in Club meetings and activities this year and we welcome them to our Changeover Dinner.
The Annual Changeover is an important social occasion to celebrate our accomplishments, thank the 2022-23 Board and hear about plans for the coming year.
We will also raise funds to support a forthcoming camp for Ukrainian children boarding with families in Poland, which has been organized by our friends in the Warsaw Rotary Club.
Let’s hear about plans to meet these challenges in 2023-24.
AUCTION and RAFFLE: including an electric bike worth about $700.
See you there,
Past President and the Board, 2023
Treasurer Ross has sent out an email with details on how to register for the changeover – please respond well before the deadline of 15 June.
Photos from the Rotary International Convention
DG Piotr Jankowski from Rotary Poland District 2231 and Desmond Woods from Rotary Club of Canberra, discussing proposed camps to give children from Ukraine a holiday. Our Changeover dinner will raise money to support these camps, which are a project of the Rotary Club of Warsaw. Photo via Olek Gancarz
This photo shows four Peace Bells that were on display in the House of Friendship. Attendees had the opportunity to "ring" each of the four bells, while reflecting on the four steps that each person can take towards peace. The bells are to be installed in the Royal Melbourne Peace Park, which I understand is part of the Royal Botanical Gardens. Monica Garrett
Rowley and Denise Thompsett with Peace Poles
Monthly Board Meeting Jottings
The Club Board usually meets around the end of each month. The discussions cover a wide range of issues which anyone can contribute to. The important discussion points at the 24 May meeting covered:
1. approval of financial payments and review of situation.
2. review of Membership development plans and how it fits into the new meeting format.
3. review of the successful and expanding Peace Pole programme in schools across Australia.
4. Peace Pole programme will be handled by Warrick to help Michael.
5. Chris Gray reported through the Board on progress with improvements to Club Runner and Websites.
6. A resolution by Rotary International on the Nuclear Ban Treaty was discussed. It is moving forward slowly.
7. Directors for the various committees for next year were announced:
    . Youth Activities, Peace pole and World Peace Day at schools - Stephen
    . Treasurer - Ross plus an associate. We are looking for an assistant. Bill will take over Door Duties.
    . Secretary - Russell Dew
    . Environment projects - Dr George Wilson
    . Community and local projects - Warrick and Eric.
    . Rotary Foundation - Monica 
    . International relations and emergency projects - Olek and Juris.
    . Membership - Michael Rabey
    . Indigenous Projects - Bill
    . Canberra Rotary Peace Bell - Michael and Warrick
Any questions or suggestions for action please contact Secretary Russell.
Bill Andrews
Last week’s meeting
Warrick demonstrated the abilities of artificial intelligence. He had asked Chat GPT to “Explain how a VPN [Virtual Private Network] works to protect an individual using a garden hose as an analogy”. He shared the answer with the meeting:
Sure! Let me explain how a VPN works using a garden hose analogy:
Imagine that you're standing in your backyard with a garden hose. You turn on the tap, and water starts flowing through the hose. Now, let's say that you want to spray water on your neighbour’s lawn without them knowing it's coming from you.
Without a VPN, your internet connection works similarly to the garden hose. When you access the internet, data flows from your device to your internet service provider (ISP), and then to the website or service you're using. Your ISP can see all of this data, just like you can see water flowing through the garden hose.
But when you use a VPN, it's like adding an extension to the garden hose. You connect the hose to a different tap that's located in your neighbour’s yard. Now, when you turn on the water, it flows through the extension and onto your neighbour’s lawn. But since the water is coming from a different source, they can't tell that it's you who's spraying their lawn.
Similarly, when you use a VPN, your internet connection is redirected through an encrypted tunnel to a remote server operated by the VPN provider. This server then accesses the internet on your behalf, sending and receiving data just like your ISP would. But since the data is encrypted and the server is located in a different place, your ISP (and any other snooping parties) can't see what you're doing online.
In other words, a VPN adds an extra layer of privacy and security to your internet connection by masking your IP address, encrypting your data, and routing it through a different server.
Warrick Howieson (with some help from AI)
Next meeting
This week we are meeting on Zoom and will hear from our member Dr George Wilson, who will speak on “Koala conservation - how private landholders can help address immediate threats”.
The link for the Zoom meeting is: Michael Rabey will kindly open the link at noon to enable social interaction before the formal meeting starts at 12:30 pm.
Duty Roster
8 June
15 June
22 June
29 June
Ross Brown
Ross Brown
Ross Brown
Ross Brown
Open meeting; introduce President; and Toast to Rotary
Sally Goodspeed
Monica Garrett
Changeover dinner
Judy Raymond
Thank speaker and write up for Bulletin
Astrida Upitis
John Little
Changeover dinner
George Wilson
If you are not able to perform your allocated duty, please arrange a replacement and advise Acting President Liz. Please advise Stephen of any planned absences to avoid being rostered on while away.
Advance notice – future meetings
On Thursday, 29 June, we will be hearing from Tom Calma (pictured above) who will speak on the proposed Voice for Indigenous Peoples. He is Co-Chair of Advisory Group on The Voice; Senior Australian of Year; and Chancellor of the University of Canberra. This will be a lunch meeting at the Commonwealth Club.
On Thursday, 6 July, we’ll be hearing from Kent Fitch, who will discuss the question: Would autonomous cars work in Canberra?
For all the golfers in the Club
Cartoon courtesy Facebook
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