Hi Everyone,

This week our meeting will be replaced by Fred Smith's concert at the Canberra Playhouse.

I'm going to have dinner in the City beforehand. I am thinking of Rice Thai - Tapas  in Garema Place - Let me know if you would like to join in.

We covered a good number of initiatives last week at the Club Forum, Thanks To Stephen, Bill, Chris, Sharon, Michael and anyone else I have forgotten for bringing us up to date with what is going on

Don't forget about the District Conference in Temora - 19 - 20 March.

Also think about the Incognito Art show we have a great website - We just need some more artists please direct any arty people that you know in it's direction.

Had a loss in the cricket again this week, but Jess did grab a couple of wickets.

President Warrick


Youth Project: Rotary Citizenship Award

On 14 December 2021, President Warrick presented the inaugural Rotary Citizenship Awards at Majura Primary School's Year Six Graduation Assembly (held in two sessions because of covid number restrictions).

The award is presented to a Year 6 student that has exemplified the School's values of responsibility, excellence and respect during the year. Teachers considered there were two students, Frida and Tim, who had equally best demonstrated the values. Each received the award, comprising a certificate and a $50 gift card for Dymocks bookstore. In addition, our Club will work with the school to select and fund a perpetual trophy or shield to be included in the School's trophy display cabinet. This will have the annual winner(s) name(s) engraved each year.

In addition to the award, the Club has funded the costs of celebrations of the school's values, such as morning tea with the Principal, Liz Bobos, for students who had been observed following the values. Unlike the citizenship award, these events are open to all students at the school who demonstrate the values.

We look forward to continuing and building on this citizenship and values partnership with the school.

Stephen McMillan and Russell Dew

RCCBG Youth Committee

President Warrick presenting the award to Tim


President Warrick, Frida, and Majura Primary School Principal Liz Bobos

Photos courtesy of Russell Dew

Peace Project: Fred Smith Concert

As at 12 February 490 Tickets have been sold for the Fred Smith Concert. This means it will be close to a full house with only around 50 tickets remaining. 40 seats have been saved for Afghan guests and also guests of Fred including our Area Governor Andrea Grosvenor who will be representing DG Michael Moore.

On the night we will be inviting those attending to make a donation to Red Cross to support a Women’s Support Network activity. Ross will have his Apple Square available to take those donations for those wishing to support. Fred will also be selling his book and CD’s on the night.”

Michael Rabey

Call for Volunteers

A reminder regarding the upcoming community roster requirements!

We need a couple more volunteers for the Saturday morning shift at Goodwin village markets to set up trestles on the 5th March@6.30am,

We will need a few volunteers for the Rotary peace walk start 26th and 27th March.

If members could advise Peter Davies (0407 219 922) in due course that would be helpful thanks! Cheers.

Peter Davies.

Friends of Rotary

The Board has approved the implementation of a “Friends of Rotary” email list.  The purpose of this email list is to capture the names of people who are interested in our Rotary Club’s work but may not be able to commit to membership at this stage. We do expect that the “Friends of Rotary” people will want to join with us and participate in some activities. This will enable them to become more familiar with how our Rotary Club works.

The membership committee is now working on the set up for this and we welcome names of people who you believe would like to be part of this initiative.

Sharon Green


Sundowners Rotary Club

As many of you would be aware there is a new Rotary club being chartered in Canberra, The Sundowners. The Board approved the purchase of a gift from our club to the Sundowners.  We have purchased Directors Lapel Pins  for the club, as per their gift registry request.  Their launch will take place at the Press Club on 25th of February 2022.


In lieu of a meeting this Thursday, the focus will be on the Fred Smith Concert that evening, mentioned above, to support refugees from Afghanistan.


--24th Feb: Alice Hathorn will tell us  about the method used by local Landcare group, ACT Urban Woodland Rescue, to transform a suburban park in Weston Creek, from barren and weed infested to biodiverse native woodland meadow.

--3 Mar: Richard Johnstone President, Kingston and Barton Residents Group will speak about the Inner South Canberra Community Strategic Plan

--10 Mar: Allan Hawke will speak about his book on history of Blundell’s cottage

-- 19-20 Mar: District Conference in Temora


A Good Explanation of Politics 

A Russian Jew was finally allowed to emigrate to Israel. 

At Moscow Airport customs found a statue of Lenin in his baggage and asked,  "What is this?" The man replied, "'What is this?' Wrong question, comrade. You should have  asked, ' Who is he?' This is Comrade Lenin. He laid the foundations of  socialism and created the future prosperity of the Russian people. I am taking it  with me as a memory of our dear hero." The customs officer let him go without further inspection.

At Tel Aviv Airport the Israeli customs officer also asked our friend: "What is  this?"  You should be asking 'Who is this?' This is Lenin, the bastard who caused me, a Jew, to leave Russia. I take  this statue with me so I can curse him every day." The Israeli customs officer said, "I apologize, sir, you are cleared to go."

Settling into his new house, he put the statue on a table and to celebrate his  immigration he invited his friends and relatives to dinner. One of his friends asked, "Who is this?" He replied, "My dear friend, 'Who is this?' is the wrong question. You should  have asked 'What is this?' This is ten kilograms of solid gold that I managed to  bring with me without paying any customs duty and tax." 

MORAL: Politics is when you can tell the same story in different ways to fool a  different audience and allow you to look good in every situation.   


Feb 15: Serbia National Day

Feb 16: Lithuanian Independence Day

Feb 17: Kosovo Independence Day

Feb 18: The Gambia National Day

Feb 20: World Day of Social Justice


Feb 14 (1929) St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago. Members of Al Capone's gang dressed as police killed 7 members of a rival gang.

Feb 15 (399 BCE) Socrates sentenced to death for corrupting minds of youth

Feb 16 (1923) Howard Carter opened Pharoh Tutankamun's tomb and found sarcophagus

Feb 17 (1972) British Parliament voted to join European Common Market

Feb 18 (2014) Ukrainian Revolution of 2014 began as protesters, unknown shooters and CIA take part in violent events in Kiev ending 5 days later in ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych

Feb 19 (1942) About 150 Japanese warplanes attack Darwin

Feb 20 (1947) Earl Mountbatten of Burma appointed last Viceroy of India

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