October Monday the 31st  2022
Andrea Conti
The Zone 8 Conference
So, lots to talk about this issue, ranging from the Last Board meeting items, to this weekend’s Zone 8 Conference.
Let’s start with reminding everyone about the AGM on 24th November 2022.  Our constitution currently states we need a quorum in order to pass the voting for the Audited financial statements and the new year’s office bearers.    This is important to the successful stability of YOUR club.
Next  - We are cancelling the official lunch time meeting on the 17th November.  We were given notice from the Commonwealth club well in advance ( already a couple of weeks ago) that they were having a full house, including accommodation, and so they couldn’t be able to fit us in.  My personal view is that they would’ve been way too busy to look after us in the usual manner, so better to not be there.
What happened at the Board meeting
  • We managed to close a few I action items that heave been hanging about since July.
    • We’re naturally reviewing the content of our bulletins while we have an acting Editor in Russel Dew.
    • We are currently leaving printed copies of the bulletin on the tables at the lunch meetings.  
    • Eric has brought in a sample t-shirt and we’re good to go with the colour, with the preferred Wheel on them (there are a plethora of Wheels available on the Brand centre for you to choose from)
    • No further action on the the BBQs in the district – only two clubs responded, one in the positive(Rotary Club of Ginninderra) and not much else in terms of replies
    • I continue to try and keep in sync George’s spreadsheet and our web site.  One day…… there shall be one spot to rule them all…………..
  • Ongoing Action Items:
    • I’ve asked Lynne Duckham again about that clause 24 in the proposed new constitution – seems to be dragging on a bit, but it can’t be useful the way it is (registered post notification of General Meetings)
    • Getting a better QR code presentation for the Bell, an a plaque in place to recognise Peter Klapinski’s efforts for the Peace Poles
    • We have confirmed our commitment to next year’s Aussie Rotary Peace Walk, again the last weekend in March ie 25/26 March.  Put it in your diaries
    • We approved the funding for the nest NYSF candidate.
  • Were looking at ides for Xmas party – anyone got any ideas??
What I took away from the Zone 8 conference:
  • Personally, I need to be Brave
  • Did you know that Rotoractors are now independent entities and no longer have to be supported or started by a Rotary club?  And there is no-longer a mandatory age restriction? And that you can be a member of both a rotary and a rotoract club at the same time?
  • We had excellent speakers -International President Elect Gordon McInally; Major Alex Rubin, one of the management team in Thailand for the Thai cave rescue; past IP Ian Riseley in his capacity as chair of the Board of Trustees for the Foundation; Jessie Harman, Director Zone 8; Larry Lunsford  from Evanston talking about the money and the projects the Foundation has been supporting (also from the Board of Trustees – Vice Chairman)
I attended two break sessions – both very, very good.
  • DEI – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • My takeaway: how do we get more members into our club that are not like us – we in RCCBG are a fairly homogeneous profile – how do we change this profile – who are people out there that we know of who would benefit by being in our club – a club  that can change our community for the better, and also improve all our lives by their inclusion???????
    • To illustrate – our half time entertainment was a Choir (Alchemy Choir)composed of people with Dementia.  They were wonderful singers and an excellent choir singing together with all harmonies.
  • Our peace bell received a mention by the chair of Rotary Give Every Child a Future.  She mentioned that while she was in town she went for a visit and told the assembly.
  • The next breakout session I did was called “Acknowledgement of first nations peoples: reconciliation in practice’
    • There was a quick straw poll on the simple acknowledgement in the form of acknowledgement of country.  Only about 40% of those in the room (we were one) have acknowledgement at the beginning of our meetings.  There are clubs out there that have members who are vehemently opposed.
    •   At least two clubs (Darwin and the Rotaract club of Adelaide) have done a RAP – Reconciliation Action Plan.  Rotary in Australia is encouraging all clubs to consider doing this – I am considering it, what do you think?  Do you know what it is?  Here are some links to find out more on what a RAP is, and Rotary Darwin Sunrise’s RAP.
    • RAPs
    • Darwin Sunrise
This week’s meeting with Serina Bird
On Thursday our guest speaker will be Serina Bird the President of the Zonta Club of Canberra Breakfast.  Serina will be talking about the work of her Zonta Club.
Amoung other projects her Zonta Club are holding a Pre-loved Fashion Sale next March. If you or your partner have un-needed clothes, bags, belts and jewellery this is an opportunity to donate the items to Zonta. They can then offer your items for sale in their Pre-loved sale with the proceeds assisting their community projects. If you have items to donate bring them with you on Thursday and pass the items to Serina and lighten your wardrobes
Duty Roster  (October 2022)
November 3rd November
Welcome & Opening the Meeting:
Greg Gibbs
Toast to
Rotary at Work:
Thank Speaker and Write Notes
If Unable To Attend On A Day You Are Rostered, Please Organise A Replacement.
Last Week's Meeting Presentation (September 27th)
Russell provided an outline of why Ukraine is winning the war and what could be some of the likely outcomes. He has contacted a number of other Clubs in the Region who may be interested in hearing the Seminar. They are positive to hear about the storyn of a small nation prevailing over a larger one.
If you want a copy Russell can email you one.
No news this week.
I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes.  
Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.  
The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.
Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.  
There are two kinds of pedestrians: the quick and the dead.  
Life is sexually transmitted. 
Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.
The only difference between a groove and a grave is the depth. 
 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.  
Have you noticed since everyone has a phone camera these days but no one talks about seeing UFOs like they used to?  
Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again 
All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.
In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird,  and people take Prozac to make it normal.  
How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?  
Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, 'I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?'  
Who was the first person to say, 'See that chicken there? I'm going to eat the next thing that comes out of its butt.'  
Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?  
If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a song about him? 
If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests? 
Do illiterate people get the full benefit of Alphabet Soup? 
Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him on a car ride; he sticks his head out the window? 
Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?  
Do you ever wonder why you gave me your email address? 
Phyllis Diller 
I admit, I have a tremendous sex drive. My boyfriend lives forty miles away  …..Phyllis Diller 
Whatever you may look like, marry a man your own age. As your beauty fades,  so will his eyesight. ……Phyllis Diller 
Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance? …….Phyllis Diller
Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shovelling the sidewalk before it stops snowing…….Phyllis Dille 
The reason women don't play football is because 11 of them would never wear  the same outfit in public. ……Phyllis Diller 
Best way to get rid of kitchen odours: Eat out. …..Phyllis Diller 
A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once. …..Phyllis Diller
I want my children to have all the things I couldn't afford. Then I want to move in with them…….Phyllis Diller 
Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going…….Phyllis Diller 
Any time three New Yorkers get into a cab without an argument, a bank has just been robbed…….Phyllis Diller 
We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve years telling them to sit down and shut up…Phyllis Diller 
Burt Reynolds once asked me out. I was in his room……Phyllis Diller
What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day…….Phyllis Diller 
The only time I ever enjoyed ironing was the day I accidentally got gin in the steam iron.,…….Phyllis Diller 
His finest hour lasted a minute and a half……..Phyllis Diller 
Old age is when the liver spots show through your gloves. ……Phyllis Diller 
My photographs don't do me justice -they just look like me. …….Phyllis Diller
Tranquillisers work only if you follow the advice on the bottle - keep away from  children……..Phyllis Diller 
I asked the waiter, 'Is this milk fresh?' He said, 'Lady, three hours ago it was grass.'………Phyllis Diller  
The reason the golf pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can't see him laughing…….Phyllis Diller  
You know you're old if they have discontinued your blood type
Zone 8 Confernence End Polio Now Walk around Lake Burley Griffin
John Kerin
John Kerin
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