District 9705 
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  Andrea Conti:,       Russell Dew:
 Good morning fellow ACT Rotary Presidents.
 Firstly, I am recieving a few requests, via phone and email, for  BBQ services from Rotary. Our club   is frequently the 1st that comes up on a Google search. 
 RCCBG doesn't have it's own BBQ equipment, so I am forwarding these requests on to you.
 I'm happy to continue co-ordinate these requests and pass them on as I get them. 
 To that end could you let me know if your club wants to get these requests?  I'll compile a   spreadsheet we can all use.
 Secondly, and more importantly,  the folllowing arrived yesterday, and I am duly   passing it on.   I shall let Angela know I have done this.
 Andrea Conti
 President RCCBG
 From: Angela Fiori <>
 Sent: Thursday, 1 September 2022 2:27 PM
 Subject: Fortem Australia - First Responders Event
 Hi There
 I hope you are having a great day!
 My name is Angela, and I am the ACT Community Engagement Coordinator for Fortem Australia.
 I was told that you may be able to assist with an event we have coming up. On the  30th October we are   having a First Responders Family Day at Duntroon and would like to put on a BBQ.  Someone mentioned   that Rotary Club would possibly be able to assist us with this BBQ, is this correct? Apologies if I have   totally misunderstood, or if I have emailed the wrong department.
  I look forward to hearing from you
  Kind Regards
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