Well, the Rotary Changeover for 2022 has been completed. Greg Gibbs was hijacked on short notice to perform the MC role for the evening and did a splendid job! The program for the evening was running like clockwork even if we couldn't see Microsoft Project on a laptop anywhere.
However, It was a slightly unusual affair. President Warrick was not in attendance as he had come down with Covid. Therefore our new President Andrea Conti was pretty much doing a "One Man" err "One Woman" show reading out the speeches of Warrick as out going President and her own as incoming President. 
Andrea presented a powerpoint presentation of her upcoming year and a couple of slides stood out, they are shown below.
The meal was served which consisted of a portion of Rib eye beef, sauteed potatoes and some greens. A lovely jus accompanied the dish and to wash it down a selection of white and red wine. Dessert followed later which was a lovely panacotta dish and a tuille.
Awards were presented as follows:
  • Rotarian of the year - George Wilson
  • Paul Harris Fellow - Ross Brown
  • Centurian's for Rotary Foundation - Andrea Conti, Monica Garret, Sharon Green, Ross Brown, Peter Davies, Russell Dew, John Kerin presented by Gary Roberts.
                                                                        Centurian's for the Rotary Foundation
Mr Volodymyr Shalkivskyi - Charge d'Affaires of Ukrainian Embassy and his wife attended the Changeover and made a speech thanking Rotary and our Club for all of the support that they have received to assist the people of Ukraine.
In addition to members and their guests we had the following attendees:
  • Lynne Duckham - Area Govenor
  • Andrea Grosvenor - District 9705 Governor Nominee
  • Gary and Marilyn Roberts - DG Representative 
  • Janine Linklater - Hall Rotary Club
  • Chris Edwards - Hall Rotary Club
  • John Kerin  - Friend  of Rotary and Dr June Verrier
  • Peter Mclachlan - Friend of Rotary
  • John Grant - Honorary Member and Helen Grant 
Warrick's Speech for those not present:
"Thank you for entrusting me to be president of our rotary club for the past year.
When I started to look back on the past year I wasn’t sure, my initial thoughts were somewhat
negative. But as I started to dig deeper and put my thoughts together, I realised how much we
had achieved. It can be too easy to let the negatives cloud our vision of the past.
We have supported refugees. Raised money from walking. Stood in car parks and packed bags.
Because of our actions. Afghan refugees have learned to swim. Australian children will
experience a cleaner environment and less disease. Women and children in Canberra will be
safer and have a place to go in times of need.
No. Not everything we tried worked. But we tried. We tried more ways to help more people and
for that we have won.Everyone in the club has been a part of our success.There are some I have to give special mention to Rob Laine - Thank you for putting up with my tardiness. I think I owe Rob a boost in his mobile phone plan after all the texts he had to send me reminding me that I was late with my weekly notes - Thank You.
Monica for being a guidepost whenever I stray too far from the official Rotary manual.
Dad - for always having an ear and your gentle but unwavering advice and support.
Sharon and Juris in the membership office.
Michael your constant energy and ideas are a source of inspiration.
And everyone else in the club. As a whole we have out performed ourselves.
I hope that you have all had a good year and feel that the club is heading along in if not the right
direction, then at least some semblance of North.
It has been an honour. I am grateful for the trust and the privilege.
Here is to many more years."
Rotary around the Country:
Stephen McMillan sent through this request for a new segment for the New Notes. - Editor
"Perhaps you could have a segment “Rotary around the country”. In case this appeals to you, here’s a picture of a Rotary Wishing Well at Mount Gambier. It’s located near a tourist attraction – a sinkhole in the CBD – and close to public toilets, so should see a relatively high number of people passing by. I’ve no idea how much money it collects."
After some research, more information on the well; Editor Marcel

A NEW wishing well may be the solution to preventing thieves from helping themselves at the Mount Gambier Rotary Club well.

Located in the Cave Gardens, the wishing well has been subjected to thieves who have been seen taking coins for themselves.

Club president Pat McEwen said each month the club would receive up to $200 from the well.

“All of the money made from the well goes straight back into the community,” Mr McEwen said.

“It has been there for decades and we believe it has contributed around $100,000 in funds throughout the time.”

He said the club was tired of people helping themselves to the money and due to the ongoing issue, members had asked Mount Gambier City Council to grant permission for a new well in a new location.

“We have asked the council to move the well closer to the main corner,” Mr McEwen said.

“There are three other Rotary Clubs which also have wishing wells and they say the only security that works is visibility.

“As well as better security we are hoping that by moving the new well more into the public eye it will also increase donations because we have an amazingly generous community here.”

Measures such as welding and security cameras had been put in place to deter people from stealing the coins, however both had been ineffective.

“It is not a good thing that it keeps getting broken into and we are very disappointed that it keeps happening which is why we would like to have a new well in a new location,” he said.

“We want to keep the well going but can’t do so if it keeps getting broken into.”

Believing it was only a small percentage of the community doing the wrong thing, Mr McEwen said there were those who were appreciative of the well.

“There are good people out there, one day I was taking the coins out of the well and there were some teenagers who asked what I was doing and were very concerned,” he said.

“Once I told them I was part of the Rotary Club and collecting the coins for the club, they completely changed.

“I was very proud of that.”

The club will create a timber-based well for installation at a new site.

(From the Limestone Coast - 28 Jan 2022)

Duty Roster:



July 7th

July 14


Commonwealth Club

Commonwealth Club


Ross Brown

Ross Brown

Rotary at Work

John Little

Sue Lloyd

Thank Speaker and Notes

Sharon Green

Sally Goodspeed

Welcome and Open Meeting

Monica Garrett

Eric Carmody

                                            If you are unable to attend on a day you are rostered please organise a replacement.

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Upcoming Speakers:

 7 July, 

Hugh Mackay, will join us to describe his book – the Kindness Revolution.

He encourages us to find the best in ourselves and in our society in both good and troubled times.

Following the ravages of 2020's bushfires and pandemic on our mental and emotional health and on the economy, Hugh Mackay reflects on what really matters, the kind of life and society we want.


21 July, 

Krista Vane-Tempest will present on Edith Blakes War – and her book in which she traces Edith’s story from training in Sydney to her war service in the Middle East and the Mediterranean; her conflicted feelings about nursing German prisoners of war as German aircraft bombed England, to her death in waters where Germany had promised the safe passage of hospital ships.

Mini Stomp Meeting:
For those attending it will be held on;
Wed 20th July 6:00PM
Deakin Soccer Club
Grose St Deakin
We can get some ideas flowing please join us there. Up for discussion is
  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Marketing 
  • Dance Clubs
  • Etc
These will all be on the casual agenda. We are after ideas rather than solutions at this point.
Pets of Rotary RCCBG:
We have a new column; it is Pets of Rotary RCCBG; the Idea is to guess who's pet it is and to showcase our various companions. 
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