Those members who did not join our Zoom meeting last Thursday missed out on one of the most interesting and moving talks we have had in a very long time. Tammy Shepherd told us all about the Mercy Ship program and how they improve the life of under-privileged people in the third world. Some of the cases Tammy showed us were truly emotional. Health staff from all over the world give up their time to serve on the Mercy Ship and carry out hundreds of medical procedures (see Bill's notes below)

Our planning meeting held last Sunday at the Deakin Club was a tremendous success and came up with numerous ideas for future fund-raising and how to improve the social aspect of the Club.

As we go to print I have 41 starters for our change-over dinner next Thursday night but I would like to see a few more members and partners come along.

This is my last report as President and in conclusion I would like to thank all members for the support given to me and making the job so easy and enjoyable.

See you all at 6.30 pm next Thursday.

President Eric


1. At last week’s Board meeting, the Membership Strategic and Action Plans were approved.  What does this mean for the club?  It means that we will be coming to you to assist with the implementation, yes dare I use that word, the implementation of the membership plans? Watch this space.

2. The last women’s function for the year was sadly, very poorly attended. Moving forward, Membership Co-Directors, Juri’s Jakovics and Sharon Green will be bringing new and interesting social activities to you.

3.The Membership Committee, minus David Evans, who is sunning himself in far North Queensland, enjoyed a thank you for all their work, Yum Cha luncheon at Ginseng at the Hellenic Club. It was a lovely way to end the committee’s year. Thanks ever so much.

Sharon Green


Members will recall that Past District Governor Steve Hill was guest speaker at our Club in April, in his capacity as Chair of the Rotary Clubs of ACT Emergency Services Community Awards (RESCA) Committee.

Eight finalists (5 volunteers and 3 paid employees) have now been chosen for this year's awards, and the winners will be named at a dinner to be held at the Hellenic Club in Woden on Friday, 30 July. Dignitaries (both Rotary and others) and sponsors have accepted the Committee's invitation to attend.

As this is an activity of the Rotary Clubs of the ACT, it would be good to show our support by attending the dinner. Details are available at

Sue Lloyd and I look forward to seeing you at the dinner, as we celebrate the great work undertaken by Emergency Services workers for the ACT community.

Monica Garrett




We were privileged to have an outstanding and moving presentation by Tammy who is a Physiotherapist with experience in serving on the Mercy Ship hospital – off the west coast of Africa.

Tammy outlined to history of its development, from the idea of US philanthropist Don Stephens who raised $1m in 1978 to buy an old ocean liner and convert it into a hospital, to the current situation where the 4th Mercy Ship is today being launched from a Chinese shipyard, with purpose built medical facilities. The ships are maintained entirely by volunteers with all costs and supplies donated by worldwide sponsors.

The ship she served on, provided first class surgical, maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery, dental, orthopaedic, obstetric and related medical services to an enormous number people from all walks of life and counties in Africa.. They only go to ports that invite them, and careful survey work is undertaken in advance to ensure they come equipped with the correct services and equipment for the particular place.

Whilst in port, their professionals train local health providers. Dental facilities are set up off the ship and the equipment left for the locals to expand services.

Many of the medical problems facing young children could be traced to poor diets so other professionals on the ship work with local to tackle to essentially causes of the health problems.

Tammy showed some graphic examples of cases she worked on – horrific and at the same time, sad for us who have enjoyed first class health facilities our entire life.

This was a very moving presentation, and opened our eyes to a whole new area of need we might investigate.

Bill Andrews.


1st July (Thursday), 6 for 6.30 pm: Change-over Dinner at the Royal Canberra Golf Club



1 July: Burundi Independence Day; Canada Day

3 July: Belarus Independence Day; International Day of Cooperatives

4 July: USA Independence Day


28 June: Treaty of Versailles signed ending WWI (1919)

29 June: South Africa begins implementing apartheid (1949)

30 June: Some 80 million trees are flattened in Siberia by largest meteorite impact ever recorded (1908)

1 July: Battle of Gettysburg begins, stopping Genl. Robert E. Lee's northward advance (1863); Communist Party of China founded (1921)

2 July: English engineer Thomas Savery patents first steam engine (1698)

3 July: Karl Benz drives first automobile (1886)

4 July: Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) creates “Alice in Wonderland” during a rowboat ride on River Isis at Oxford (1862)


-The World Health Organization has announced that dogs cannot contact Covid-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out.

-Relationships are a lot like algebra. Have you ever looked at your X and wondered Y?

-A girl said she recognized me from her vegetarian club, but I have never met herbivore.

-If you are not supposed to eat at night , why is there a light bulb in the refrigerator?

-My dad died when we could not remember his blood type. As he died he kept insisting " be positive " but it's hard without him.

(Thanks to Eric)


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