Hi Everyone,

Well, I'm back in town, after covering a few thousand kilometers to Portland on the Victoria Ocean Road and back. We saw some fast cars and some slow ones too as well as the (not quite) 12 Apostles.

Have now consumed far too many Easter eggs but all of that is par for the course I expect.  Might have to give some away as prizes! Saves me eating them!

If you have bought anything for the Trachoma project, please let me know so that I can update our tally. Soap and Toothbrush holders are some things I think we need.

Look forward to seeing everyone again on Thursday - Look after yourselves 

President Warrick


Burley Griffin Appeal to assist the work of the Warsaw Rotary Club in support of Ukrainian Refugees.

Last week we announced the result of our urgent Appeal to raise money to assist the work of the Warsaw Club. They had contacted us seeking financial assistance with their multitude of projects to help some of the 2.4 million Ukrainian refugees flooding into Poland to escape the tragic and disgraceful invasion by Russia.

We have raised $10,000 including a donation from the Club, with much of it coming from our generous and loyal Friends of Rotary and our personal mailing lists. One donor gave $5,000.

On Tuesday Ross arranged to transfer the funds to Poland. PP Olek Gancarz who is in regular contact with the Club, followed up the payment with confirmation that the funds are dedicated to assisting children and infants. A report and photos have been requested in due course.

If further funds are sought we will look into it again. This is a critical situation that we as Rotarians, need to respond to quickly and with 100% commitment.

Thank you to everyone who assisted and donated, and especially Ross for managing to receipts and enquiries.

Bill Andrews

Invitation to the Annual Anzac Eve Peace Vigil, 24 April 2020 at 530 pm, top of Mt Ainslie

The following is an excerpt from a letter received from Janet Salisbury. Our members will be assisting with set up and set down for this event.

A Chorus of Women would be delighted for you to join us in this ceremony, which has become a beautiful and meaningful Canberra tradition. This year will be the 12th annual Vigil.

We meet at the top of Mount Ainslie at dusk on 24th April. We commence with the lighting of lanterns, for a 5.30pm start. Details are on the Chorus website.

Chorus will be joined by Wayfarers Australia. We also hope to welcome a Ukrainian ensemble.

In peace,


THIS WEEK'S MEETING (21st of April, 12.15 for 12.30 pm, Commonwealth Club)

Speaker: David Brand Topic: Deakin Walk

David, an architect, will describe the houses, gardens and people of mid-century Deakin.

As a follow up to his talk, on Sat 23rd, David Brand will lead a 3km walking tour of the area drawing on his childhood knowledge of the neighbourhood.

This walk organised by Canberra Modern beginning at 10am from 9 Grey St is booked out so David has kindly offered to share his experiences as a prelude on Friday morning 22nd April - same time same place .

Let George Wilson know if you would like to take the earlier walk. The route is attached.




DUTY ROSTER: April 2022



April 21st

April 28th (ZOOM)


Ross B.

Ross B.


Andrea C.

Robert L.


Graeme H.

Russell D.


Eric C..

Ron R.

If Unable To Attend On A Day You Are Rostered, Please Organise A Replacement.

The Notes should summarise the speaker's main points, be used in commenting on the speech, and sent to for inclusion in the weekly News Notes. Thanks.


--What do you call someone who steals noodles from the rich and gives them to the poor?

Ramen Hood

--What does IDK stand for?

I have asked lots of people and nobody seems to know

--I was abducted by aliens. They made me wash my hands, clean my room and eat my vegetables

Turns out I was on the mothership

--How do you get a secret message out of a cemetery?

You de-crypt it

--My buddy got arrested on drug charges and because it was his first offense, he thought he would get off lightly, but it turned out his lawyer was one of the worst in the state and ended up botching his case, so instead of getting a short term, he ended up getting 40 years without parole!!

Man, that sentence was way too long!

--Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money. I had to use a hand-me-down calculator with no multiplication symbol on it.

Times were hard.


Apr 18: Zimbabwe: Independence Day

April 20: Chinese Language Day

April 21: World Creativity and Innovation Day

April 22: International Mother Earth Day; International Girls in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Day

April 23: St. Georges Day (England); World Book and Copyright Day; English Language Day; Spanish Language Day

April 24: World Immunisation Week; International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace


Apr 18 (1025) Baleslaw Chroby was crowned in Gniezno becoming the first King of Poland

Apr 19 (1770) Captain James Cook first sighted Australia

Apr 20 (1920) Balfour Declaration recongnised which made Palestine a British Mandate

April 21 (1918) German fighter ace Baron Manfred von Richthofen was shot down over Vaux Sur Somme (France) by Canadian pilot Arthur Roy Brown and died in the crash

April 22 (2016) The Paris Agreement on Climate Change was signed in New York by 195 nations, binding them to an increase of less than 2 degrees C. over the pre-industrial level

April 23 (2005) The first YouTube video, "Me at the Zoo", was published by co-founder Jawed Karim

April 24 (1183 BCE) Traditional reckoning of the Fall of Troy marking the end of the Trojan War according to Erastohenes, chief librarian of the Library of Alexandria

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