International Services 2015/16

This year our Committee will focus on a number of important areas:
1. Allow funding and time for International disaster relief, whilst setting a budget which proportionate. Be ready to support Shelter Box appeals as needed.
2. The Twinning Agreement with Heijokyo Rotary Club, Nara, Japan is supported by Christmas cards, offer to home host children, and enquiring whether they need further assistance with Tohoku disaster relief.
3. Twinning arrangement with RC of Chung Ho, Taiwan is a new project initiated after our visit to Nara in December 2014. There are opportunities for joint projects.
4. Annual Dinner to be arranged – March 2016.
5. Candle Festival – support the fundraiser. Volunteers, sell candles at our stall on 24 October 2015
6. Continued working relationship with Nusa Tengarra Association. PP Bill Andrews remains on the Board of Management, PP Stephen McMillan is assisting Colin Barlow, Juris and Keith working for NTA. Assist with governance and fund raising when necessary.

We maintain a number of projects jointly with Community Services Committee:
1. Clean up Nara Park up to 3 times a year. Community Services. Working bee and barbeque. The next is planned for the 29 August 2015.
2. Peace Bell in Canberra Nara Peace Park project .
3. Plan next overseas adventure – Europe