The Commonwealth Club’s has electronic device rules.

For the information of Club Members and guests, here are the Commonwealth Club’s electronic device rules, which we are required to respect.

The Commonwealth Club is a private social club. In keeping with the club’s traditions and values, entry to the club by members and their guests requires compliance with the 'Dress Code' and 'Electronic Device Rules'.

Members are responsible for informing their guests of appropriate club attire and use of electronic devices.

Electronic Devices.

For the consideration of others, all electronic devices must be on silent mode within the club.

Members and guests are permitted to make and receive mobile telephone calls in the designated areas of the hallway telephone table and in the club’s accommodation rooms, or outside the club’s main front entrance.

For the convenience of members and guests, on-silent smart phones, tablets, laptop computers and other electronic devices are permitted in most areas of the club for the purposes of working quietly, sending and receiving written communications and operating scheduling services.

NO electronic devices are to be used in the club’s formal dining room.