Excerpt from President’s letter from latest Bulletin (20151006)

  • I had the pleasant task of inducting 2 new members Richard and Chris Moss into our club last week. Please make time to get to know Chris and Richard over the next few weeks. I’m sure they will make excellent Rotarians and between them have a wealth of knowledge, talent and life experiences. My congratulations Chris and Richard and welcome to the Rotary Club of Canberra Griffin.
  • Yuri has started planning for his year (2016-17) and is looking for members willing to play an active role in the running of our club next year. Please give it some thought and let him know if you are interested. It would be great if we could get some “NEW” faces on the board for 2016-17.
  • Also last week PP Andrea gave an excellent overview of how our Facebook, Web page and My Rotary works but unfortunately we were unable to have the visual presentation but…..watch this space. Thanks Andrea, I’m starting to catch on and now a little “bit” wiser.
  • The district conference to be held 24th & 25th October unfortunately clashes with our major fundraiser…The Candle Festival. For this event we will need every member involved in some way if possible along with family and friends and maybe Rotaractors.
    Members will still be able to go to the conference on the Sunday if they are interested just make inquiries with the organisers. I think the conference comes to a close at 1pm Sunday but it could still be worth a visit, check out the agenda first though.